Why Video Chat Will Revolutionize the Consulting, Assistance, and Advisory Industries

July 18, 2018
Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Why Video Chat Will Revolutionize the Consulting, Assistance, and Advisory Industries

The top-of-the-line industry standards and practices are drastically shifting in the field of consulting, assistance, and advisory. Due to revolutionary integration of effective communication tools, incorporating video chat and co-browsing into daily work operations allows for high-growth and efficiency for businesses and freelancers. Video chatting for consulting is not about generic upgrades from face-to-face meetings, but rather a matter of achieving business goals. 

In this innovative strategy, there are three primary areas that directly benefit from using video chat as a medium for consulting services: Financial, Customer-Driven, and Productivity.


  • Expansion of services from a local to worldwide population
  • Ability to reach disabled customers audience
  • Immediate, very simple, and highly accessible appointment scheduling
  • Minimize costs allocated for travelling and workspace
  • Opportunity to redirect funds toward digital marketing to generate leads
  • Rich, in-person personal experience and interaction with expert(s)
  • Builds and enhances customer relationship and engagement
  • Access to previous customer reviews and testimonials
  • Optimizes workflow management
  • One-stop for branding/business promotion
  • Minimizes Multitasking and distraction by devoting time to customer
  • Integrates employee communication via video chat and messaging

In Consolto.com, we are aligning our products to the face-to-face trend.

In general, we’re on a mission to resolve the complexity Freelancers face when connecting online with future and present clients over live, rich-media sessions. We’ve developed a 3-tier, 1-stop-shop solution for freelancers which provides freelancers a) the media they need to deliver their service b) from within either their website or our platform and c) the marketing tools to increase their reach

Techaisle’s research: https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/m/digital/elq-cmcglobal/OCA/Assets/Collaboration/Techaisle-Video-Enabled-Collaboration.pdf

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