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Text Chat - Client Initiates
Audio/Video calls - 1 hr/month
Whatsapp Integration
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Email Support
Landing page
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Audio/Video calls - 40 hrs
Money transfer
Website Plugin
Screen sharing
Chat history (6 month)
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Unlimited Audio/Video calls
Initiate call with site visitors
Site analytics
Smart call trigerring
Chat history (Forever)
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Chat with your site viewers as they visit your website. Answer their questions and make their day

Video Calls

Perform video calls from within your website or our platform as easy as clicking a button. No downloads, no installations!

Web Calls

Accessibility creates opportunities. Let your site visitors call you from within your website


Let your site visitors book appointments with you with a simple streamlined flow

Money Transfer

Charging for your online service? Let your clients pay prior to the sessions via paypal/visa/mastercard

Screen Sharing

Share screen to maximize the performance of your online sessions. No installations, no downloads!

Whatsapp Messages

Would like your clients to contact you via whatsapp? just add the whatsapp widget

Facebook Messanger

Would like your clients to contact you via facebook messenger? Just add the messenger widget

Landing Page

don't have a website? no problem. Host your sessions within a beautiful landing page in consolto's platform


Improve performance by examining your site's performance and your visitor's activity with a friendly analytics dashboard

Active Agent

Don't wait for your clients to initiate the interaction. Proactively engage with them while they're on your website

Recording (soon)

Record video and audio calls for future use