Bringing Direct Messaging To Ads

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Interaction with online CLients was never this easy

Ad Network Directly Connecting Businesses And Clients Over Live Chat, Audio Or Video Conferencing

How It Works

Clients arrive hosting website

The plugin on the host website invites potential clients to chat with publishers online

Build a relationship

Publishers and clients talk directly over chat, audio or videochat. Clients never leave the hosting site.
No downloads, no installations, no landing pages, no external links!

Monetize The Lead

Close the deal or collect the details of a quality lead. In case you're not available, automated responses collect the lead for you.

For Site Owners

Convert Visitors To Income

Place the ReaLead technology on your website. Quality advisers (publishers), relevant to your site will be available to answer your site's readers. Increase your revenue from the mediation.

For Publishers

Personalize Your Marketing

Once you signup, you will be placed on websites where you can benefit from direct leads over Text Chat or Audio/Videochat. No need to create a landing page, a website or even a facebook page. Get direct leads immediately and grow your business.

For Everyone

Get The Right Answers, Right Away

Site visitors rarely click banners. When they do, they are routed through tedious funnels: landing pages, contact forms, download links and more...
Let's help them avoid the hassle and get direct answers from the right people, right away

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Improve SEO

Clients will spend more time on your website. As a result, your SEO will increase dramatically and more organic traffic will arrive

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